Proclamation declared by regional oversight people

By Max Fontaine | He Can’t Believe He Had to Write This

When the information comes, we’ll know what we’re made from. (Beck Hansen/Interscope 2006)

Michiana Regional Board of Elected Officials this week approved a proclamation regarding civic duty and personal motivation.

(The) decision was announced Thursday at the board’s monthly meeting. The measure passed by a 5-3 vote by the 7-member committee, which contains a set of identical twins.

In part, the declaration states: “The entity is committed to nurturing and sustenance of creating an environment of responsibility and public engagement, inherent to the vastness of all truths therein, for the betterment of service. Amen.”

“Furthermore,” it continued.

According to board minutes, the designation is officially titled The Proclamation Proclamation.

Following all that, the panel went into closed session, allegedly to eat carry-in pizza, purchased with private funds by Emoji Lancaster, private-at-arms.

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