Recent arrests: May 2017

Sample tools of area law enforcement.

The following people were arrested and/or jailed
over the past 30 days or so, within or near the town of Bass Lake.

  • Wade P., 31, 3rd-1st Blvd., general scofflawlessness.
  • Cyndi S., 29, photography violation — indecent exposure.
  • Danny V., 52, Uptown, failure to succeed.
  • Unnamed minor, 13, Cul-de-Sac Court, unlawful driving away of a bicycle; possession of dead toad.
  • Lew Z., 45, Bass Lake, felony arguing, shopping-cart abuse.
  • Ramshackle Von Elliott, 59, Pinecone Street, erratic misconceptions (45th offense).
  • Esther L., 38, Sugarlee Avenue, mowing violation; hoarding of canned goods.
  • Preston Y., 22, address unverified, held for no particular reason.

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