5 things to avoid missing: May 2017

Monthly entertainment planner for the Beacon area.

May 20.

May 6: Kentucky Derby gathering, hosted by Enos Felger, D-Dave’s House; post time is 2:45 p.m. and thereafter; adults only; alcoholic beverages and online wagering permitted in backyard only, per Dave’s wife.

May 19: Prep baseball: Season finale, Bass Lake Canoes vs. Nearbytown Birds-of-Prey, 5 p.m., Vacant Lot Field; concessions available.

May 20: “Yard-Fest,” second annual late-spring home and garden expo, 11:45-6 p.m., 1845 Coleslaw Road; keynote speaker is yard expert/set theorist P. Mirphy Roberts, author of “Venn and the Art of Lawnmower Maintenance”; admission free with non-stolen sapling; presented by Landscape & Garden Procrastinators Club.

May 29: Memorial Day (observed). Various activities planned, including possible community picnic (highly unlikely).

May 31: TBA (details TBD)

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