BLAP Beat: Items reported stolen

BLAP says be on the lookout for a boot-style shoe, 10 in size, similar to the one pictured above. (Photo courtesy Karli’s Kuntry Kutestuff)

BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police daily dispatch log.


Bass Lake Authority Police are investigating a possible breaking and taking event at a local residence.

An officer was dispatched to the home of the late Zeke Turlane at One, Two (1,2) Buckle My Shoe Estates late Tuesday to have a poke around after a transient claimed items were missing from the property.

Upon arriving at the scene BLAP chief Tug McNabb found the transient, a Jimmy Clipston, of Hobo Lane, distraught over the loss of his left shoe and a possible ham sandwich.

Clipston told officer McNabb that he had been acting as “caretaker” of the late banker’s modular structure since early November.

When officer McNabb failed to locate the shoe and sandwich, Clipston became irate and told the chief that that’s why he called.

Anyone with information about the missing size 10 brown boot-style shoe or a canned ham sandwich is asked to contact BLAP.

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