Three injured at Pancake Extravaganza

In The Sugarbush
Cathy (last name withheld) drills into a tree Sunday at the syrup farm of a local sugarbush owner. (Clara Glendale Fontaine)

By Clara Glendale Fontaine | Pancake reporter 


A dispute over maple syrup grew sticky Sunday during the 103rd or 104th annual Pancake Extravaganza.

Three pancake eaters sustained minor injuries during the flap which started following claims of maple syrup superiority between three local sugarbush operators.

The annual fundraising event, which drew and unprecedented 253 attendees, came to a sudden standstill when one of the disputants lobbed a fully-loaded syrup carafe across the crowded room.

Organizer Flip “Flap” Jack said it was not the first time an argument over sap boiled over during the event.

“It seems to happen every three or four years,” Jack said. “Sugarbushing is a competitive sport to these fellows. Flackjackerstake their sap seriously.”

Luckily Bass Lake Authority Police chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb was at the Big VFW Hall when the dispute escalated.

“Well, when that first jug of syrup sailed across the room I thought to myself I should grab whatever unattended pancakes and sausages I could find before any unnecessary waste occurred,” he said. “So that’s what I did.”

No arrests were made due to the fact that none of the combatants pressed charges.

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