Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/20-3/24 2017


frozen chicken
Happy spring! (Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories)

Spring chicken
Broccoli seed
Apple flavored grape
Freezer burn
Meat juice

Baked cereal
Fruit jelly
Candy (assorted)
Fresh-squeezed Orangela Merkel

Random meat
Hobo veg
Congealed peach tart
Whitened brownie
Blackened milk

Thursday (International Day)
English-style faggots and mash
Bubble and squeak
Canadian road apple
Spotted dick and custard
Dos Equis

Catch of the day
Manatee cabbage
Coconut hair
Sun-block sweat

This week’s menu sponsored by the Society for Better Society Relations Among Divergent Foreign Peoples of America (SBSRADFPA).



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