Council meeting agenda disclosed

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Feb. 20, 2017

Visual overview of a recent town council meeting. (Ginky Jeppers/Beacon)
Visual excerpt of recent meeting. (Ginky Jeppers/Beacon)

I. Call to order

II. The Invocation Proclamation

III. Moment of silence for deceased presidents (of the U.S.)

IV. Refusal of minutes

V. Recent business

A. Exhibit A
B. Approval of purchase of of pre-owned squad car for Bass Lake Authority Police
C. Rezoning of Zoning Board of Appeals zone
D. Karaoke by street commission roadside cleanup crew

VI. Pizza-and-doughnuts interlude/closed session

VII. Hundred Club

VIII. Hiring/firing segment

IX. Public gasket-blowing/council-member defensiveness

X. Adjournment

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