Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/30 – 2/3 2017


Stop by Brenda’s Tasti-Cheese and see the famous Velveeta de Milo.

Cat-hair grabbers
Tomato pasties
Crouton crunchies
Extra sauce
Milk punch

Boston cream pizza
Carrot seeds
Durian slice
Ritalin pops
Keg beer

Chicken puck w/bun
Science-based vegetable
Juicy fruit
Potato Duds
Cat saliva

Trigger veggie blend
Apple shadow
Saccharine tube
Strained phlegm

Side-dish washers
Fruit of bologna
Frozen cheeseshake
Vegetable crisper fluid

This week’s menu sponsored by Brenda’s Tasti-Cheese. Mention this post for 10 percent off your next cheese sundae. (Limit one per family)

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