Town council meeting agenda imparted

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For Jan. 17, 2017

"Making New Friends" is probably not the new theme of the new mayor's administration. (Just guessing)
Remnants of Bass Lake’s co-annual ticker-tape parade.

I. Call to order

II. Secular prayer, by Al Schwartz, poet-laureate (underwritten by Lakeside Agnostic Church)

III. Approval of minutes from December meeting


V. State-of-the-town address 2017, presented by mayor Forrest Bunkard:
A. Introduction of mayor, by one of the council members
B.  Pre-speech
C. Speech
D. Post-speech address

VI. Revisited: “Sidewalks Now NOW!” proposal by newly formed community walk-fra-structure task force

VII. Teen

VIII. New business
A. Public hearing: Purchase of pre-owned squad car for Bass Lake Authority Police
B. Regional fishing report, fiscal year 2015 (delayed)

IX. Public comment/commentary

X. Adjournment

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