‘Garden of the Summer’ announced

By Clara Glendale-Frolic | Gardening/club reports

Local gardeners have been honored.
Local gardeners have been honored.

Steve and Ingrid McJeffers, of 345 One-th Lane, have been awarded “Garden of the Summer” for 2016 by Bass Lake Yard Club.

The annual award, presented close to Labor Day every year since 1993, honors immaculateness and creativity of Bass Lake residents when it comes to garden/yard upkeep.

Yard Club président Angelica Baneberry summarized the decision.

“They did everything expected of them,” Baneberry said. “A plastic flamingo wedged into a flower pot outback pushed them above the rest of the finalists.”

The award includes a $45 gift certificated to HomeTown Warehouse (for lumber purchases only).

In separate interviews, the McJeffers said they are humbled and “somewhat” surprised to win the award.

Springtime planting by The McJeffers. (Tara Xacum / Incessant seasonal contributor)

“I’m humbled,” Ingrid said. “We just planted whatever we could. Steve did most of the work.”

Steve validated her comments.

“Ingrid did most of the work,” Steve said. “We just planted whatever we could. I’m somewhat surprised. Not as humbled as Ingrid is, I bet. You’ll have to ask her.”

What’s next for the yard club?

“We’ll focus our attention soon on best local winter lawns,” said a spokesgirl for Baneberry.

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