Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9-5/9-9 2016

Tims explosion emporium
Visit Tim’s Explosion Emporium for your next family gathering. Like us on Facebook! (Photo contributed by Tim.)

No School in observance of Labor Day
(Kitchen staff party menu)
Lobster thermidor
Steamed asparagus
Crisp matchstick fries
Fresh fruit compote in Champagne w/fresh mint garnish
Selection of fine wines

Hot dog casserole
Potato chips
Gutter runoff

Hobo surprise
Creamed French fries
Repurposed fruit
Freezer treat mashup
Mammal lactate

Grilled cheese
Tomato soup
Pear half

Fish wallet
Scrambled peas
Other pear half
Iced beef broth
Hand juice

This week’s menu sponsored by Tim’s Explosion Emporium.
Blowing things up since he got out of the hospital.

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