Quotes of the month: June 2016

From still-accessible text files

Notable quotables from the Bass Lake area, June 2016.

If life is a bowl of cherries, what are those other fruits doing here?

“There’s no way I can eat two pounds of cherries by myself . I’d never leave the bathroom.”
Clarence “Crumbles” Gravel

“Raen si enutrof fo lasrever a sraeppa ti-won.”
— Khurdzan Wei, archivist, Beijing Bait & Tackle

“Oh … that!”
— Shirley Sparkle, former multi-time champion, Bass Lake youth fishing contest

“That was a tragedy. But her jam was top-notch. Most of it, anyways.”
— Pheetus Gimble, spokesfarmer

“The goal here at Regional Corporate Hospital is to establish a list of priorities about what not to do, and whatnot.”
— Margo DeLathridge, media liaison and pre-RN/LPN, Regional Corporate Hospital

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