BLAP Beat: Tasty mystery consumed

BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police daily dispatch log.

Not BLAP officersThe Bass Lake Authority pedal police officer responded to a complaint about a “possible person of interest” who was observed operating a motorcycle without a license plate in the vicinity of Out-on-the-Highway Road and County Road 7A/125W.5 at approximately 6:45 am last Sunday. The motorcyclist was described as wearing a motorcycle helmet, motorcycle jacket, motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots and motorcycle gloves, all black. The motorcycle, also black in color, had come to a stop on the side of the road. As the BLAP pedal patrol officer approached the would-be suspect, said officer observed a strong odor of melted cheese and pepperoni. The BLAP officer reported that the motorcycle was in fact a bicycle and that the operator of the vehicle was a pizza delivery individual who had stopped to adjust his/her load. The pedal patrol officer confiscated the pizza as evidence. The former “person of interest” was released without charge.

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