Arrests of Last Month: May 2016


From staff typists

The following people were arrested and/or jailed over the past 30 days or so within the town of Bass Lake.

  • Andrew K., 24, Bass Lake, causing semi-nuisance; bond 45 cents.
  • Millicent R., 19, Out-on-the-Highway Road, U-turn on a dare/under-age vaping; released to custody of elder sister.
  • Froderick M., 56, rural Bass Lake, inappropriate jokes in mixed company; time served.
  • Kenny G., 49, roofing contractor noise violation, 3rd offense.
  • Brinda Y., 44, north of town, falsified/expired library card; bond $45,000.
  • Gwen “Tug” M., Bass Lake, unapproved overtime.
  • Trever X, 29, Nearbytown, hold for other jurisdiction; suspect has since escaped.

Disclaimer: This listing is based on public records provided by Bass Lake Authority Police and Michiana Jailhouse Institute. Inclusion here does not suggest guilt or innocence, only that a person was charged with a crime and his or her name showed up in the booking log. (But yeah, odds are, most of them must’ve done something).

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