Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/14 – 3/18


Horn hat
Gil Gamesh, president-elect of the Bass Lake Society for Senseless Anachronism addresses a recent gathering. (Tony Berserker)

Bracket brisket w/au jus & wet nap
Pre-Columbian fritter
Post-menopausal regret
Ice chips
Au jus

Ides of ham loaf
Caeser salad
Brutus berries
Ides of maraschino cherries
Sippy cup extract

Ham salad
Mixed fruit
Tastes like Tuesday comfit
Light syrup

Candy-corned beef
Cabbage patch
Irish fruit (whiskey)
Shamrock pie

Minnow soup
Pre broccoli
Auto-cad/Berry White
Pickle pops
Chum bucket lemonade

This week’s menu sponsored by the Bass Lake Society for Senseless Anachronism. “Meet your grandchildren before your dead.”


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