Seduction Sunday: Tournament field revealed!

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Sample bracket. (Not a sample bracket)
Sample bracket. (Not a sample bracket)

Get your bracket sheets ready! Or something.

The 64-team field has been revealed for the 2016 American College Athletics Association (ACAA) men’s intercollegiate college basketball tournament.

For the first time ever, Bass Lake University has received an invitation, despite not being a member of an athletic division that is eligible.

“Go figure,” said Park Zagel, head coach of The Beaver roundballers.

BLU will compete in the feed-in game to the “First 4,” in the round called “12th 8.”  That game begins within the next five minutes, and will not be televised.

Here’s a look at this year’s field, revealed by region, all in one shot.

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East Coast Bias
1. Washington (D.C.)
16. Jefferson (Memorial)
8. Florida-South Bend
9. Manitoba (Brazil)
5. Five-twelve
12. Twelve-Five
4. Paul McCartney
13. Wings Etc.
6. Union Pacific
11. Confederacy of Dunces
3. Future-Sanctions College
14. Professor Emeritus
7. Greg Gumbel
10. Clark Kellogg
2. Big-Time Program
15. Cupcake State
Mid-Continental Breakfast
1. Midwestern
16. Hillary Trump/Carson City-Cruz
8. Winery
9. Distillery
5. Regional University
12. Corpus A&M-Texas Kristy
4. Military Military Institute
13. Greenpeace Academy
6. Andrew Jackson
11. Native America
3. Illinois-Chicago Tribune
14. Tweetdeck
7. Hungry Jack
10. Mrs. Butterworth
2. Peyton Manning
15. Calvin Johnson
Southeastern Pacific
1. Blueblood
16. Sisters of the Poor
8. Central California
9. California Central
5. @Hashtag.Org
12. LMAO
4. Freshman Sensation
13. Draft-Day Bust
6. Col. Bernie Sanders-Larry David
11. K.F. Chicken
3. University University U
14. Bracketkiller State
7. Antarctica
10. Gnome (Alaska)
2. Rural Manhattan
15. Urban Meyer
Western Atlantic
1. UCLA-Kentucky
16. Arizona East Coast/Mississippi North Coast
8. Wooden-Calipari
9. Cinderella Darkhorse
5. Highmajor Flameout
12. Autobid Surprise
4. Ariana Grande
13. Quando Paramucho
6. TrendingNow
11. InsanityLater
3. Lion
14. Gazelle
7. Downton Abbey-Normal
10. Instagram Parsons
2. Magna Cum Laude
15. Academic-Fraud
First four out: Border Dispute, Master of Science, Chuck-Barkley, Fury Road
Next four out: Ashton-Kutcher, Crescent City-Martygraw, Campus Riot, T-Bone State

Beacon sports editor Brock Stafford approved this message. 

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