Fat Tuesday warm-up ends tragically

By Jenna Ration-X Cornsup | Music and Happenings Beat


mardi gras
Revelers celebrate possibly Fat Tuesday in this photo we found. (Beacon found photo file file photo)

Five people narrowly escaped death late Monday during a pre-Mardi Gras rehearsal at a local night spot. One person, however, did not.

Cameron “Cam” Shaft, a roadie intern for Local Cover Band Jr.,  was declared dead by a wide margin when a stage prop dropped from the ceiling and landed on him during a run-through at Funky’s on the Bayou.

Shaft was attempting to reposition a giant fake pazcki that had been stuffed with two cases of longnecks when the traditional Fat Tuesday treat suddenly broke free and crushed him.

Funky’s owner Greg “Funky” Gregory said the tragedy was “tragic.”

“It was totally unexpected,” Gregory said. “Especially for this time of year.”

All five members of Local Cover Band Jr., who were tearing up a version of Local Cover Band’s cover of “Born on the Bayou” when the pazcki let loose, were unharmed.

Shaft, a recent transplant to the area, was a rising star in the close-knit world of cover band roadie interns. Known for his ability to carry two Marshall stacks at once, the burly 23-year-old leaves behind an equally crushed iPhone and two pet salamanders.

“He will be missed,” said Skippy Jensen, lead singer for Local Cover Band. “Jim (sic) was a good man. Good man.”

Tickets are still available for the now pazcki-free Mardi Gras celebration, featuring Local Cover Band, Local Cover Band Jr. and Beer Garden of Eden. Doors open at 7 pm.

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