Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/8 – 2/12


carrot shavings
Carrots, shaved

Meatball dip
Deactivated Brussels sprouts
Wilted veggie dip
Super disappointment pops
Evaporated beer

Inverted cheese sandwich
Wax bean
Pineapple upside down pie
Imitation ice pops
Catch basin

Forgotten lent buffet
Creamed iceberg lettuce
Frozen banana
Frozen banana II

Liverwurst souffle
Needles of pine
Cherry-flavored expectorant
Cap’n Tug’s Iced Pudding

Carrot shavings
Blueberry dome
Modest treat
Dishrag tea


This week’s menu brought to you courtesy of By Golly, Why Not Bass Lake? Excursions. Touring Southern/Northern Michiana.

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