Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/4 – 1/8 2016

Unrelated photo. (Take a number photography)

Liver and cardio
Veggie substitute
Belt loop
Spicy gum freezy
Not a solid

The things we found
Christmas memory broccoli
Sophie’s choice
Frozen expectorant
Thawed expectorant

Jurassic pork
2001: A Space Broccoli (different from Tuesday’s broccoli)
I can’t believe it’s not ice cubes

Legends of the meatloaf
Charlie’s harvest
Are you lookin’ at me? fruit cup
Funeral for a Popsicle
Kleenex squeezins’

Fish w/detailed explanation
Local indifference berries
Fetal ice bangers
Asparagus again as a liquid

This week’s menu is lucky that it’s here. And thanks for everything, Mr. School Bored.

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