BLAP Beat: Rustling annoys resident

BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police dispatch log. 

Gloria is a member of  a herd of cattle involved in a recent rash of unauthorized  rustling incidents. (Young Man Smunson)

Officer responded to a complaint of excessive rustling near a residence in the cul de sac block of Leaf Collection Pointe Court late or early Monday or Tuesday. The pedal patrol officer arrived on scene and observed a man on the street-facing porch of a residence  shouting angrily and pointing toward the direction of Young Man Smunson’s field. The officer applied a beam of light in the direction the man was pointing and observed a large pile of leaves in the process of decomposing. The officer also noted the presence of a man on horseback herding cattle. When questioned, the complainant claimed his neighbor’s cows were being stolen for the third time in a week. The officer questioned the man on horseback, who was cited for cattle rustling without a permit. The officer, the complainant and the rustler then shared a meal of beans, cornbread and camp coffee before settling in for the night.

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