Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 12/14 – 12/18

grumpy dad
Is this your family? Please contact Jennifer Sparkle of Jen’s Ribbon Cutting on Trout Lane to claim your prize. (Mugg’s Holiday Memories)

Meat dip
Green dip
Chip dip
Popsicle dip
Milk punch

Casserole casserole
Cream cheese
Some type of meat
Casserole runoff

Surprise chicken
Eggplant skin
Blind melon
Frozen corn

Bumble burger w/bun
December wheat
September compost
Drip pan

Bass Lake oysters
Spinach stems
Fruitcake nuggets
Freezer eagle
Bio-lab wash

This week’s menu brought to you by overworked kitchen staff. Donations accepted.
Oh. And Merry Freakin’ Christmas, etc.

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