7 things to avoid missing: December 2015

Gnome for the holidays. (Gnome Chomsky)
Gnome for the holidays. (Gnome Chomsky)

Monthly event planner, December 2015.

Dec.5: “I Can’t Believe it’s Almost 2016 — Again!” holiday extravaganza, hosted by town councilman Enos Felger, D-Dave’s House, 6-10 p.m., Dave’s House. Special guests: food columnists Laurel & Marty Princeworth (time permitting) and Bass Lake Mayor Guy Soundguy (appearance doubtful). Music provided in part by piano from Bass Lake Inn-Convenience.

Dec. 12: Townwide (Semi-Secular) caroling, 4:45-7:23 p.m. Public singing allowed on this date only, per community noise ordinance..

Closeup of hymn book.
Sheet-music archives (Bass Lake Public/Private Library archives/sheet-music-archive closet)

Dec. 21: Bass Lake Town Council meeting, 5 p.m. (holiday season meeting time). Agenda forthcoming.

Dec. 22: “Date With Santa” afternoon dance for ages 5-6, 1:30 p.m., new community center on Community Avenue. St. Nick expected to not attend, due to sleigh-maintenance priorities.

Dec. 28-30: Tree/wreath/wrapping-paper recycling sweep/public burning, courtesy Bass Lake Disposal Council.

Dec. 31: “15th Annual Y2K Pre-New-Year Bash,” 9 p.m.-close, Funky’s on the Bayou. Featuring Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring local cover band; Local Cover Band Jr., Bass Lake’s most-enduring cover band-offshoot; w/ Ronald Pagan andI Knew Him Horatio Hornblower; advance tickets available thru Funky’s cellphonepage.

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