Grading service approved for Bass Lake schools

By Truck Mayberry | Surprise education-beat contributor

The grading system process at Bass Lake schools may prove less-cumbersome, due to a recent decision (Robert Stack/Gomer Pile)
Grading-technique assistance may reduce workload for our local teachers. (Robert Stack/Gomer Pile)

Bass Lake schools recently hired a “grading-consultant” from the educational firm Portfolio Etc.

The decision was approved last week at the school board’s frequently ignored monthly meeting.

A member of the consulting firm explained the community service, to help justify a probable increase in the public tax burden.

“It is time-consuming for teachers to review student work, correct errors, sell popcorn at sporting events, attend training seminars and organize drug-testing,” said Louisa Transcript, social media-liaison at Portfolio Etc. “So when it comes to the grading system, we remove the guesswork, in that regard. Thank you for your time.”

Addition of the outsourced assistance is long overdue, according to Ham Serling, superintendent of Bass Lake Public/Community Schools Corporation.

“It’s all about the kids,”  Serling said. “Gee, how many times do I need to provide that lame catch-phrase to the media? Mom was right — I should’ve stayed in the U.S. Army. I’d be retired in Florida by now.”

In other news, beginning in January, the school system will employ a newcomer in the faculty-over-50 IT department: Recent Moscow State graduate Turnier Computerov.

Editor’s note: Recently, superintendent Sam Herling changed his name to Ham Serling, due to semi-religious reasons. A Beacon story scheduled for publication in October had been overlooked. We regret the overlookness.

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