Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 11/16 – 11/20 2015

Photo illustration of a menu item. Actual items probably won’t look like this, but may contain several similar ingredients. (By

Neck patty w/bun
Powdered broccoli
Denatured fruit salad
Potato pops
45% milk

Eight-ounce bourbon glazed PB&J on crusted white bread
Whipped iceberg lettuce packet
Shaved peach lickers
Pencil shavings sorbet No. 2
Liquified Milk Duds

Micro-taco bar
Invisible nutrition grabbers
DO NOT EAT desiccant pouch
Popsicle stick on-a-stick
Peanut milk (May contain peanuts) (May also contain milk)

Tepid pockets
Free-range green beans
Cold-pressed extra virgin applesauce
Delicious ramifications
Squeeze-your-own milk

Downstream fish kill chowder
Fair-trade Brussels sprouts parts
Chilled chem-dry

Click here to see the menu from this week last year. (BLE is looking for menu sponsors. Please submit your application and all associated fees to Bernice in the kitchen.)



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