Crash still under investigation

By Max Fontaine | Back from summer vacation

Crash-scene reconstruction of what may or may not have happened in June 2014. (Scarecrow photo)

A one-vehicle mishap that occurred in 2014 out near Out-on-the-Highway Road in Southlake Township is still under investigation, according to Bass Lake Authority Police (then-Bass Lake Police Authority).

Then-driver Sam Butcher, now 25, already has forgotten it happened, he told the Beacon Tuesday.

“Honestly, it slipped my mind,” Butcher said in a cellphone interview from an untraceable location. “I was young, naive and reckless at the time — if not wreckless.”

Authorities believe “something” caused the crash, according to a press statement.

Butcher was not injured in the transportation event, but several flowers and a combine tire were left in critical (but stable) condition.

In a related development, the vehicle involved in the incident remains a work in progress and labor-of-love at Uncle Theo’s Body Shop/Tattoo Parlor in Nearbytown.

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