Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 10/12 – 10/16 2015

Nina and Pinta Columbowitz
Nina and Pinta Columbowitz. (Santa Maria Columbowitz)

Sardine pizza bites
Seamen salad
Raisin hell
Biscuit pushups

Barnacle patty w/biscuit
Scurvy chips
Captain’s blood

Sea biscuit w/chickpea gravy
Vinegar w/Sea biscuit gravy
Dried beans n’ vinegar gravy
Scurvy gravy
Chickpea drool

Hardtack w/salted beefcake
Cheese w/assorted growth
Perforated liver scrummies
Mutiny crumble
Biscuit mix

Livestock nibblers
Pickled molasses
Fogon conclusion
Wine plate
Olive oil juice

This week’s menu brought to you by Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria Columbowitz.



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