Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 8/31 – 9/4 2015

camp bass lake
Activities abound at Camp Bass Lake. (Al Schwartz)

I can’t believe it’s not hamburger w/gluten-free bun
Gluten tots
Random blend
Plum forgot
Milk Jr.

Potato salad soup
Lettuce spray
Maraschino cherry cup
Deep-fried mayonnaise pops
Water slurp

Nightcrawler jiffies
Early squash bugs
Sweat bee ‘n apple cornpone
Reconstituted fudge popsicle
Camp Bass Lake Bug Juice

Pudding sandwich w/fixin’s
Mashed potato fries
Mixed fruit jelly tub
Gummy eggs

Captain Tug’s Fish Poles
Chigger nubs
Citronella slices
Cabin No. 9 care-package grabbers
C-U-Later-Alligator soda blend

This week’s menu brought to you by Camp Bass Lake. Situated on the trembling shores of Lake Swayback, Camp Bass Lake offers the finest in summer-camp related afflictions and injuries. “Where Kids are on Their Own.”



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