Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 8/17 – 8/21 2015

Plutato pop. (NASA)

No school. Summer is still in session. Get a job or something

Mulberry stew sandwich w/bun
Shower pass
Green bean ends
Welcome back cobbler
All day milk

Baked bologna pie
Chuck berries
Homemade cola

Bluegill stroganoff
Corn-silk remnants
Banana-flavored cheese
Blackened artificial cherry turnovers
Summer memory liquid

Surprise meatball flambé
Locally-sourced shrub clippings
Camp Bass Lake fruit cup extras
Plutato pop
Bottomless bismol box

Welcome back, children and non-children. We kitchen staff do our best to provide affordable meals in an age of endless cutbacks. Nutrition is our No. 1 impediment. Let’s have fewer complaints this year, shall we? Thanks. 


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