7 things to avoid missing: August 2015

Monthly planner, August 2015:

pie crust
Aug. 10 (possibly Aug. 3, too)

Aug. 3: Thankspatrick’s Day
Aug. 7-8: “MusicOutSide,” formerly Bass Lake Outdoor-Music Live!, Louis’ Pasture, 45000 County-Line Road 33-1/3.
Aug. 1o: Regional Fair prep party: Last-ditch pie-planning effort
Aug. 17: (tie) Bass Lake Town Council meeting/final day of summer vacation.
Aug. 18: First day of school
Aug. 19: 45% day of school: Faculty training session (optional, but required)
Aug. 21: Bass Lake High School football, season opener 2015, Canoes @ Hogback Lake Farrowers, 7 p.m. (pre-game scheduled for earlier in the day).

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