Heat advisory issued

Mercury rising. (Sultry Sun-King / Beacon)
Mercury rising. (Sultry Sun-King / Beacon)

By Rolph Claster | Special to the Beacon

Regional Weather Service of Michiana has issued a heat advisory for the Bass Lake area, effective immediately, and extending until temperatures drop substantially or nightfall falls, whichever happens simultaneously.

Temperatures are expected to top the 93-degree (Fahrenheit) mark, weather officals said. Heat index readings could reach heat-appendix or heat-bibliography levels, experts predict. Swimming in Bass Lake has been banned for a 24-hour period, for safety reasons.

Dorie Smitchen, a health adviser at Bass Lake University, advises residents to stay near fan-cooled rooms or within enclosed, air-conditioned corridors.

Smitchen had additional information for those who are forced to brave the elements.

“If you absolutely must work and exercise outdoors today, well … try not to do so,” Smitchen said.



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