Town council meeting agenda exemplified

Bass Lake's sign-height ordinance will undergo an overview.
Bass Lake’s sign-height ordinance will undergo an overview.

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For July 20, 2015

I. Call to order

II. “America, For Spacious Skies,” or whatever the title is

III Invocation: 45 seconds of silence, led by The Irreverend Maggie Sandusky, arbitrator, Lakeside Agnostic Church

IV. Roll call and doughnut-run

V. Review of agenda, to check for misspellings

VI. Awards ceremony (if applicable)

VII. Intermission or approval of June meeting minutes, whichever comes first

VIII. Unfinished business/unvarnished truth

IX. “Now” business
A. Appointment of new electrical inspector
B. Revision to sign/tower height-limit ordinance (does not apply to new domed stadium)
C. Overband crack-sealing realignment bids opt-out clause, 12th reading
D. Explanation of what the hell (C) means
E. Strategy to possibly solve SidewalkGate (time permitting)

X. Yelling and stomping

XI. Adjournment


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