Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/30 – 4/3 2015

Food and/or lunch will not be served at Bass Lake Elementary School this week (Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/ Friday, Wednesday) as students, teachers and others (staff) are enjoying spring break. In the meantime, here are menu highlights from previous menus.

pie lady
This woman is holding a pie.

No school. Spring break. 

Bass Lake Town Council's agenda has come to a head.
Nutritious foods like this cauliflower frequently enliven the BLE menu. (Kitchen staff)

Still spring break.

chips wavy
Chips of all sorts are eaten by many.


Maundy Thursday. (Enjoy religious or secular foot washing amongst yourselves and/or loved ones.)

Peanut butter on spoon. (May contain peanuts.)
Some BLE lunches feature locally sourced ice fish from area ice fishermen. (M. I. Angola)





Not exactly sure why this is here. (Al Schwartz.)


Bass Lake Poet Laureate Al Schwartz has had food for lunch many times. (Panama City Police Department.)


Last day of spring break.

spring break
Bass Lake High School cheerleaders train for nationals while enjoying spring break. (Coach Sprig Mifflin.)

This week’s menu brought to you by spring break!


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