Preliminary plan for street-repair 2015

Bass Lake officials have pre-green-lit street work for 2015. (Skip Shovel/Beacon)
Bass Lake officials have given the green light for possible street projects in 2015. (Skip Shovel/Beacon)

By Max Fontaine | Construction Engineering Investigative Reporter

At its most recent monthly meeting, held this month at the town hall, Bass Lake Town Council members developed a preliminary plan for street repair projects in 2015.

The measure was approved almost unanimously, with the exception of councilman M. Adam Bradbury (R-Bass Lake, PhD history), who threw out a caution flag, deriding the concept as  “a haphazard approach that misses the forest for the trees, then burns all the trees.”

Much of the master plan involves general maintenance and upkeep, a process that includes spray-painting crosswalks and curbs, so residents will find the town’s thruways visually appealing and less-embarassing when relatives come to visit.

First-case scenario is to springify winter’s damage.

“Potholes, obviously, are a top concern,” said a Bass Lake resident, who attended the meeting disguised as mayor Guy Soundguy.  “You know how it is in this part of the region. When it rains, it snows.”

Highlights of the 2015 street-maintenance plan:

  • Gravel-distribution on Trout Lane
  • Asphalt de-fatiguing on Outskirts Avenue
  • “Bituminous humour” near Avenue Junction
  • Etcetera
  • Avoid StreetWorkGate 2014

Extra attention will be paid to Betsy “Commander” Nelson Boulevard, which was renamed in 2014.

“With a new name, the road deserves an improved surface,” said council vice president Carolyn Shee. “It just must.”

The town council has been busy scrambling to secure regional grants to help finance the work.

“If that fails, we might have to pass the hat,” said clerk-treasurer Olden A. Goodway, “around to everyone.”

“Either that, or sell the helicopter,” quipped Tug McNabb from out in the hallway.





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