The BLAP Beat: Officer injured by projectile

Not BLAP officers
Not BLAP officers.
BLAP patrol bicycle
BLAP Pedal Patrol unit. (BLAP)

A complaint was received at 3:45  p.m. Tuesday of children engaged in disruptive play near the corner of Oak and Burr Oak. When the Pedal Patrol officer arrived at the scene he encountered several boys, possibly early teens but definitely double-digits, heavily involved in a snowball fight. The officer witnessed at least one snowball, snow in color, lobbed at a passing motorist. When the officer attempted to stop the activity, the youth on both sides of the engagement began pelting the officer. One of the projectiles impacted the officer in the vicinity of his pants zipper. The officer mounted his bicycle and fled the scene. No charges were filed.

BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police dispatch log.

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