Teens escape serious injury in collision

By Brock Stafford | Sports-and-accidents reporter

A whistle. (Caption Unnecessary Photo)
A whistle. (Caption Unnecessary Photo)

Two girls were uninjured after a head-on collision Tuesday during a basketball game between the Bass Lake Young-Lady Canoes and Forestville St. Betty.

According to school authorities, Lexi Vexman, No. 20, of Bass Lake, crashed head-first into Vexi Lexman, No. 35, of St. Betty, during a scramble for the ball late in the first half on the north end of the court, just west of the lane. After making contact, Vexman bounced off a third player and skidded across the halfcourt line. Lexman rolled over twice and came to rest on her side.

Coaches were dispatched to assess injuries. The game was delayed for nearly seven minutes, as officials investigated the incident.

Neither player was seriously hurt, and remained in the game. Vexman was cited for failure to yield, and Lexman was awarded a 1-and-1 at the scene.

Final score of the game was unavailable at press time.

In the boys’ game later in the night, the Canoes fell to St. Betty, 59-51.

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