Town council meeting agenda: Done!

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
for Jan. 19, 2015

Hot beverages are available upon request. (Beverage-upon-Request Dot-Com)
Hot beverages, available upon request.

I. Call to order

  • II. Auld Lang Syne/Stars and Stripes Forever, presented by local chapter of Young Men’s Boys’ Glee Club.

III. Approval of December-of-2014 minutes

IV. Council-member precinct “Goals for 2015,” by jurisdiction

  • A. M. Adam Bradbury (R-Bass Lake, PhD history)
  • B. Reggie Jones (I-Out-on-the-Highway)
  • C. Betty Crocker (no relation, Retro-Women’s party, Crosstown)
  • D. Olden A. Goodway, clerk-treasurer, to make everything official

V. Committee appointments for 2015

  • A. Steering committee
  • B. 4-on-the-floor committee
  • C. 3-in-the-tree committee
  • D. Spare-tire committee
  • E. Ice-scraper/heart-breaker committee
  • F. Post-HelicopterGate oversight board
  • G. Whiz

VII. January Thaw

VIII. First reading: Proposal to apply for Ulysses S. Grant (local banking-relief).

IX. Public commentary/comment

X. You Say You Want a Resolution Resolution (tabled until 2016).

XI. Adjournment


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