Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 1/5 – 1/9 2015

Balls of meat. (Kitchen staff)

Meatballs w/bun
Meatball fries
Broccoli package
Butter cookies
Tree stand water

Peruvian bovine flesh spheres
Spinach crinkles
Fruitcake sticks
Frozen meatball push-ups
Towel wringings

Meatball patty w/roll
Potato sprouts
Canned wedge
Holiday crumble
Meaty milk

Personal pan meatball
Buffet packet
Dented can fruit cocktail
Chocolate covered balls of meat
Denture water

Balls n’ pins (Meatballs and toothpicks)
Souffle ragout
Holiday fruit medley
Meatball smoothie
Assorted fluids

See next week’s menu


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