Personal Injury crash injures two (one)

By Gap Ranklin | Beacon crash reporter

A photo representation of an ambulance. (Photo Representation Services)

NEARBYTOWN – A crash on Out-on-the-Highway Road injured a Bass Lake resident not once but twice Friday morning.

Bass Lake Authority Police report that a truck driven 17-year old Roger Jimenez crossed-the center line and collided with a truck, also driven by 17-year-old Roger Jimenez, which crossed the center line at the exact same moment.

The crash left BLAP officers confused and disoriented. Jimenez (es), however, was (were) alert and chatty.

“It worked, it worked!” Jimenez exclaimed to himself. “We did it!”

Jimenez, a philosophy and physics major in Bass Lake University’s Young Genius School of Advanced Geekery, said that he had been working on a string theory experiment dealing with bi-directional bi-location within a 1997 Ford Explorer.

“I just appeared out of nowhere,” he said. “I got excited when I saw myself coming the other way and drifted a bit.”

Jimenez broke his left leg in the same place, twice, according to a Regional Corporate Hospital spokesman. He – Jimenez, not the spokesman – was treated and released.

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