Bass Lake High School to add English as a Foreign Language, beginning next semester

By Max Fontaine | Suddenly on the education beat

Cover of the new EFL textbook.
Cover of the new EFL textbook.

Bass Lake High School will add English as a Foreign Language to its curriculum for second-semester 2015.

The move comes in the wake of new requirements put forth by Michiana House of Commons and signed by the governor. The change went into effect in spring 2014, but local officials “forgot all about it,” said Simon Greenless, president of Bass Lake School Board of Education.

“We’re in compliance, we simply have to pro-rate the curriculum, or back-date it,” Greenless said. “As long as it’s in place by January, we won’t lose funding or face any sanctions.”

Several students are excited about the opportunity for another educational option.

“Me and my friend Jakob think it’s ultimate swerve,” said Jacob Emily, a sophomore. “Better than just havin’ to take another language class — or math.”

Jacob’s friend, Jakob Hannah, was unable to express her feelings.

Instructor for the new class will be Zapata Smith, who previously taught French.

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