Driver runs a stop sign, doesn’t miss next one

By Max Fontaine | Hard-news brieflies

Stop sign ruined in crash (photo ca. 2011)

A local driver was cited for failure to yield/halt and a traffic sign was injured Monday in Bass Lake.

According to Bass Lake Authority Police, Tobey Taylor, a 26-year-old male, was driving north on Outskirsts Avenue at 5:45 p.m., when he disobeyed (or did not see) a stop sign at the intersection of 3rd Street, causing the vehicle he was driving, a black 2008 Chevrolet Colorado, 6, to narrowly miss another unidentified car.

The Taylor-driven Chevy proceeded to swerve in and out of no traffic for a block, eventually striking a stop sign at the corner of 4th Street.

The sign suffered “brutal” damage and will be destroyed, authorities said. Plans of replacing the safety signage are uncertain, based on what town officials think.

Taylor was unhurt, but police wrote him a ticket with a price tag of $50, payable within 30 days. The initial fine was $70, but the driver was given credit for coming to a stop at the second sign.

Condition of the pickup truck: Nothing wrong with it, per insurance company.

Alcohol was a factor in the crash, police said; Taylor was on his way to buy beer at the time of the incident, witnesses said.

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