Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 8/19 – 8/22 2014

Tofu on plate.

Not dog w/gluten-free bun
Two beans
Carrot and celery sticks
Welcome back cobbler
Raw milk bag

Veggie wrap
Repurposed hemp seed shoe box
Another veggie wrap
Ice creamed spinach pops
Smoothie surprise

Tofu bakers
Fig soup
Carb-free water crystals
Hand-squeezed carrot juice box sipper tube

Tofish sticks
Euell Gibbons pine cone bake
Apple brown guru
Salmon custard
Tree sap

As a new feature this year BLE nourishment guides will be accepting comments and suggestions from BLE parents. BLE students and staff as well are invited to join the conversation. Please call BLE ext. ATS(ext. 287) to leave your comment or suggestion. 

BLE Nourishment Guides

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