Bass Lake Schools Reopen Tuesday

By Staff Reporter | Back to school beat

apple and books
Getting back to school gets underway Tuesday.

Soon yellow school buses will be clogging the streets as students head back to class. But not around here. Around here kids walk to school. So watch out for kids walking to school.

Due to a malfunctioning ditto machine the normal start time will be split int0 several start times.

Bass Lake High School doors will open at 7 a.m. Tuesday with alternate pre-violation detention for students who expect to commit detentionable offenses (you know who you are) at some point in the first three days of school. Self-expulsion options will start after the first full week of school.

Bass Lake Middle School will begin at 7:33 1/3 with classes changing every 22 t0  31 minutes, depending on the whims of the teachers.

Bass Lake Elementary expects to get kids learning again around 9:30, or whenever the ditto machine gets moved from the high school office to the elementary school office. The elementary lunch menu will be posted as soon as the kitchen staff figures it out.

Teachers should report to the west entrance for orientation or re-orientation as needed. Custodial persons will be required on the vomit only emergency schedule until further notice.

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