Official Bass Lake T-shirt unveiled

white T-shirt
Artist’s rendering of Bass Lake T-shirt. (Special to the Beacon)

Bass Lake local tourism and business bureau has unveiled an official community T-shirt.

Design for the shirt features the town motto in bold white lettering, along with the official Bass Lake logo.

Neither the town motto nor logo have been developed, but are “forthcoming,” according to Olden A. Goodway, Bass Lake town secretary/treasurer and part-time member of the tourism bureau.

“We’re looking into those things,” Goodway said.

Paula Smithling, executive chief-director of the bureau, said the T-shirt is a positive step toward marketing the community.

“I don’t think we do enough to promote our town to the outside world,” Smithling said.

T-shirt color choices are limited for the time being, Smithling said.

“They’re available only in white,” she emphasized.

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