‘Resident of the Year’ candidates announced

From the entire Beacon news team — except for Max Fontaine, who abhors this type of thing

In advance of the upcoming Bass Lake Pre-Mid-Summer Festival, finalists for Resident of the Year have been announced.

The annual honor is overseen by the Town and Community Appreciation Committee. That is, the committee makes the final decision.

Here are your finalists:

Olden A. Goodway
Bass Lake town clerk/treasurer.
Notable achievement in 2013-14: Looked into things and got back to people with answers, when appropriate.

Larry Karen
Founder, Karen’s Ribbon & Scissors Warehouse, Uptown.
Notable achievement in 2013-14: Seriously considered jumpstarting Save Our Sidewalks Already, Dammit! campaign.

Incapacitant weapon, employed by Bass Lake Police Authority.
Notable achievement in 2013-14: Co-conspirator in Chief Tug McNabb’s prank-gone-awry at February town council meeting.

Vin Diagram
Bass Lake High School basketball pre-hall-of-famer.
Notable achievements in 2013-14: Led Canoes to rare signature victory; committed to Bass Lake University.

Guy Soundguy
Audio wizard for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring local cover band.
Notable achievement in 2013-14: Survived two-month disappearance crisis relatively unscathed.

Betsy “Commander” Nelson (Posthumous)
Previous oldest living Bass Lake resident.
Notable achievement in 2013-14: Finally died.

Cooper Sanderstroms
Owner, Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories on Trout Lane.
Notable achievement in 2013-14: Owner, Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories on Trout Lane.

Winner is to be named shortly, according to the committee.



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