Tree, injured in 2013 colllision with police chief, now in ‘seriously critical’ condition

By Clara Glendale and Max Fontaine | Beacon wildlife near-death reporting team

The condition of a Bass Lake-area tree injured in a crash last year with Police Chief Tug McNabb has taken a sad turn, health officials said this week.

Red Maple, fall 2011. (Courtesy Acer Rubrum glamour-shots)
Red Maple, fall 2011. (Courtesy Acer Rubrum deciduous archives)

Clinical status of Red Maple, 45, of 45 Maple Street, has been changed from “critical” to “far worse than critical.”

The life-threatening incident occurred in May 2013, during routine hydrant flushing.

At the time of the mishap, injuries to the tree were considered minor. Now, medical experts say the patient is “hanging on by life and limb.”

“Mr. Maple sustained more trunk-damage than we originally realized,” said Barb Barker, a tree surgeon at Regional Corporate Hospital’s botanical department. “If the situation doesn’t improve, we might have to put it down.”

Seedlings contacted by the Beacon refused comment.

Charges against McNabb were considered, but dismissed due to an obscure “coconut-oil” clause.

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