Memorial Day festivities set

By A. Finn Moss | Beacon Holiday Reporter

A local angler gets in some practice casting ahead of this weekend’s holiday festivities. (A. Finn Moss)

Fishing tournament, cookouts-a-plenty and a tribute to Bass Lake’s war hero. It’s going to be a busy weekend at Bass Lake.

The official kickoff to summer kicks  off Saturday morning at 6 a.m. with the inaugural Cornwall “Spud” Buckminster Fishing Tournament. Buckminster was Bass Lake’s fishing guru until his tragic death last winter. To honor this “legend of the pole,” this “master baiter,” the newly formed Friends of Spud Society has ponied up a prize package approaching three-figures. Whoever catches the fish most resembling Spud will walk away with several items.

At least five cookouts are planned at various locations on the lake this weekend. Many will happen on Sunday so that race fans can listen to the Indianapolis 500 Race on the radio or watch it on television while enjoying a scoop of Aunt Betty’s famous “mystery casserole” and a perfectly round and crispy bratwurst hot off the grill. Take your pick. At Bass Lake all holiday cookouts are open to the public.

Last but not least, the reason for the holiday in fact, is the solemn remembrance of fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price not only for our town, but for our country. Monday morning the esteemed point guard/power forward for the Bass Lake Beavers and first trumpet in the Bass Lake High School Sitting Beavers Band, Vin Diagram, will squeeze out his version of Taps at the Bass Lake Cemetery and Frisbee Golf Center. The ceremony begins promptly at noon local time.

Though little is known of Bass Lake’s war hero, we still don’t know his name. For us he or she is the eternal unknown soldier.

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