Local resident proclaims his leftover ham ‘n’ bean soup is ‘a complete disaster’

By Clara Glendale | Happened to answer the phone and had no choice

Marvin Gardener told the Beacon today that his special ham & bean soup, using the remains of leftover Easter ham, turned into a “complete disaster.”

“This happened last year, too. I’m through trying to stretch the leftovers,” Gardener said. “Should have just given whatever ham was left to the dog, after I ate all those sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Adding to his frustration: The purchase of additional, rarely-used ingredients.

“On top of that, I bought a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t normally use in the first place — great northern beans, chicken broth, diced tomatoes, bay leaves … and what I did have on-hand — it was a waste of thyme.”

Gardener attempted to salvage the meal by placing it in a slow-cooker on “warm,” but he isn’t confident about the results.

“Next year, I’m going to a breakfast buffet on Easter Sunday,” he said. “I’m also burning all my soup cookbooks. That’s where the problem started.”

Gardener, 41, plans to donate the leftover creation to a local soup kitchen, if someone is willing to start one.

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