Sound expert Guy Soundguy returns to area, uncertain where to re-join band’s tour

By Max Fontaine | Beacon hard news beat reporter

Guy Soundguy, longtime audio expert and knob-turner for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring cover band, has returned to the area to re-join the group’s late-winter/early-spring tour, but is uncertain where the next gig is scheduled, according to various eyewitnesses.

Soundguy “turned up missing” in February, following the alleged (but short-lived, non-existent) theft of the band’s van.

He was later found safe in Florida.

Soundguy was seen a few days ago at Bass Lake Public/Private Library, wandering about, asking patrons where the band was scheduled to play next.

“I had to ‘shush’ him several times,” said Bettie Stable, co-director of the library’s circulation desk. “We finally had to boot him out — with apologies, because he’s actually quite charming and mostly aloof.”

The Beacon was unable to verify Local Cover Band’s next performance. A tour schedule was unavailable at the band’s website, which is currently “currently unavailable due to under-construction,” according to a message obtained on-site.

The band no longer participates in Facebook (due to philosophical reasons) or, for what matter, MySpace (which it abandoned almost immediately after joining back in 2004).

Greg “Funky” Gregory, owner of Funky’s on the Bayou, which features frequent appearances by Local Cover Band, was uncertain of the group’s schedule.

“How should I know? I don’t know,” Gregory said. “What am I, their tour manager? I’ll answer that for you. I’m not.”

Repeated calls to lead singer Skippy Jenson’s cell phone were unsuccessful.


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