Update: Stick-and-twig collection ‘going well’

From Beacon staff reports and press releases

Week of 1 of the Bass Lake-Uptown annual spring stick-and-twig collection went “smoothly” and is so far “going well,” according to the Municipal Mulch-and-Metering Service.

“For the first week, it went smoothly and is going well to this point,” said director James Logwood, in an exclusive interview with the Beacon and other media outlets. “Everyone cooperated and followed the rules. And none of our workers were injured. That’s always a bonus.”

Logwood, 57 1/2, has been director of the town agency for nearly 17 years. He said it wasn’t the best intro-week of the annual collection, but it’d rank near the top.

“Not quite as good as good as 2007, but I’d put it easily above 1999, 1997 and 2004, in that order. Definitely top 5. We’ll see how the whole season shapes up, then get back to me.”

The largest pile of brush submit for the collection, so far, came from the Bryce Crawford residence — nearly 76 pounds of sticks, leaves, clippings, acorns, helicopters and branches. Is that some kind of record?

“Not sure about that,” Logwood said. “No long-term records are kept.”

The Beacon sought comment from Crawford about the contribution, but he turned and ran inside.

Uptown stick-and-twig collection will continue for another couple of weeks, or until supplies are exhausted.


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