Town council meeting agenda unleashed

Bass Lake Town Council Agenda
for April 21, 2014

 I. Call to order

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of allegiance

IV. “This Land is Your Land” (spoken-word)

V. Old business

A. Approval of previous meeting minutes
B. Video excerpt of mayor’s birthday party (2011)
C. Recap of 20th-anniversary Beacon meeting report, April 1994 (microfiche version)

VI. Future business

A. Ballot initiative: Request for purchase of folding chairs for election-day volunteers
B. Approval of bid for town helicopter from out-of-area provider
C. Neither A nor B

VII. 7th-inning stretch

VIII. Current business

A. Appointment/hiring of Bass Lake town staff

1. Superintendent of cemetery plotting/mowing
2. Principal of sewage control
3. Uptown Development Association email-answering service (part-time/temp)
4. Social media/marketing intern (New Millennial Initiative)

IX Public comment

X. Private lament

XI. Microsecond of silence

XII. Call to adjournment

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